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Delivering reliable, long-term results is what we do best at Complete Utility Excavation. We're the company you can count on when you're in need of sewer repair or trenchless pipe repair company in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas. Regardless of what your problem is with your drains, water line, or sewer pipes, you can expect prompt, attentive service, and long-term value.

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We're a full-service utility contractor that also provides a broad range of top-quality sewer, trenchless, and plumbing services to residential, commercial, and municipal clients, including water main and sewer line repair. Our services are available to anyone within the local area who is looking to work with experienced local contractors. Our main services:

  • Sewer Repair - We specialize in sewer repair that involves excavation. It's a traditional approach to sewer line repair or replacement that will leave you with a fully restored sewer pipe that functions as intended.
  • Water Line Repair - Drips and leaks are among the common issues that can affect water lines. Our seasoned technicians will assess the situation and recommend the most appropriate approach to resolve water line issues.
  • Trenchless Pipe Repair - If a pipe is damaged but still stable, you may benefit from trenchless pipe repair. It restores inside surfaces in a way that minimizes disruption to your property.
  • Drain Services - Our experienced contractors are prepared to clear, clean, and restore storm and/or parking lot drains affected by leaves and other debris. We also repair or replace lines that are severely damaged or worn.
  • Hydro Excavation - A fast and effective technique we use is hydro excavation. It's a process that moves or removes soil or debris with pressurized water.
  • Directional Boring - This minimal impact trenchless method is used to install pipes and other underground utilities. The work is contained and managed within an entrance pit area.
  • Downspout Drain Lines - Avoid issues with accumulated rainwater by calling on our technicians to repair and maintain your downspout drain lines. We also replace damaged or worn downspout drain lines.
  • Sewer Line Jetting - A similar technique is sewer line jetting. Also done with pressurized water, this type of jetting is used to thoroughly clean and clear sewer lines affected by debris, invasive tree roots, or mineral deposits.
  • Sewer Video Inspection - With the sewer services we offer, the first step typically taken is to perform a video inspection. It's a minimally invasive process used to assess the condition of your sewer line and determine what follow-up steps to take.

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