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Many homeowners dread the news that they need to have drilling or sewer repair performed on their property. They know that this could mean having their concrete driveway, sidewalks, and landscaping destroyed. However, there is an alternative. Apart from being renowned for our drilling services, Complete Utility Excavation now offers trenchless pipe repair in Columbus, OH. Using methods that have as little impact on your property as possible, our team can provide you with efficient and minimally invasive services for your pipe issues.

What You May Be Noticing

Your home will give you several signs that you need trenchless sewer repair. The first sign is when you notice drains that continually back up. DIY methods for clearing them will not work if the problem is a broken sewer pipe. Another sign is that you might have an area in your yard that is continually wet or grass that is always greener than the rest.

What We Provide

The process for trenchless pipe lining begins with a camera inspection of the line. The technician inserts a camera into the line and works it through the pipe until the problem is found. Our team will know exactly what the problem is and where it is located, effectively taking the guesswork out of the process. Next, a new liner is inserted into the pipe and securely attached to the old pipe. Once the new pipe cures, the system is ready to use. The inside of the pipe is just like new.

Another option is directional boring, which means drilling horizontally or at an angle, as opposed to vertically. It requires a special rig. It is the perfect solution for the installation of water and sewer lines, telecommunication cables, rock and river boring, and hydro-excavating for wells and water lines. The advantage is that because the drilling is done horizontally, or at an angle, it causes less disturbance to the landscape, driveway, concrete surfaces, or home foundation. It has pinpoint precision, which means less excavation altogether. It is the perfect solution for new builds or renovation projects that our utility contractor can work on.

Directional drilling and other forms of trenchless sewer replacement give you an alternative to conventional methods that create less destruction to your property. This not only saves time and hassle, but it also means that you will not have to pay to have them repaired after the job is done.

What You Can Expect

Trenchless pipe repair is an innovative technique that can get your sewer line repaired with as little hassle and mess as possible. With this technique, the damaged area or clog can be accessed using a cleanout, instead of having to excavate your yard. This means it will not disturb your driveway, concrete, hardscape surfaces, or landscape. Trenchless pipe replacement also takes less time and is often less expensive than traditional methods.


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