Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless Pipe Repair in Dayton, OH

Complete Utility Excavation is your trusted expert when it comes to cost-effective trenchless pipe repair in Dayton, OH. This is a modern approach to pipe issues for reliable results that are prompt, affordable, and effective. Take a moment to discover why our minimally invasive solutions can be beneficial for any problem affecting your sewer pipes.

Look Out for the Tell-Tale Signs

The first indication you may need trenchless sewer repair is having frequent or recurring drain clogs. This sometimes happens because of accumulated debris or invasive tree roots. Other signs suggesting trenchless pipe repair may be worth considering include decreased or low water pressure, slow drains, inconsistent water levels, and an unexpected spike in utility bills.

It's not always easy to know if you have leaks or cracks in underground pipes. A soggy lawn and unusual lush spots where pipes are located are among the possible signs of hidden cracks or leaks. While we are considered the top utility contractor, Complete Utility Excavation is also well-versed in trenchless solutions to numerous sewer pipe problems.

The Top Alternative to Traditional Methods

Trenchless sewer replacement is preferred by many in the industry because it's less labor intensive. Therefore, it's a process that can be done faster than traditional excavation-related work. It's also cost-effective in that you won't have to worry about landscape restoration costs. In addition, it's an environmentally friendly technique since the existing pipe is used and restored with trenchless repair techniques.

The first thing to know about the method is that no digging is necessary. A common approach is trenchless pipe lining, which involves inserting a pipe liner into an existing pipe that has been inspected and cleaned. An epoxy resin material is applied with the liner. After the liner is removed, you'll be left with a like-new pipe that's ready to function like it did before it was damaged.

Also known as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), directional boring is another minimally invasive technique used to install pipes and other underground utility resources. It's beneficial because only a small area is needed to set up the equipment. It's also an approach that's faster and much less disruptive than traditional boring methods.

Count on Our Trenchless Experts

At Complete Utility Excavation, we pride ourselves on helping customers benefit from trenchless pipe replacement and similar less-invasive methods. Our experienced team is equally prepared to deliver reliable results when other solutions are more appropriate. You can be sure that we will provide you with a full range of services that comes with fair, upfront pricing, and attention to detail.

Let Us Address the Pipe Issue Now

Contact Complete Utility Excavation to explore your minimally invasive options. We are the trusted utility contractor that provided sewer, trenchless, and plumbing services. Even if trenchless pipe repair isn't right for your situation, our team also specializes in excavation methods. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment for any of the following services we offer in the local area:

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