Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless Pipe Repair in Newark, OH

Some people hesitate to call a professional when they think that their sewer pipes are not functioning properly. The main reason is that they fear their landscaping or their yard will be heavily compromised. The problem is that serious sewer problems do not fix themselves and can even pose greater risks. Fortunately, Complete Utility Excavation offers trenchless pipe repair in Newark, OH, a solution to sewer pipe issues without the accompanying mess.

Watch Out for the Red Flags

Tree roots can wrap around your sewer pipe and make it collapse as they search for water. Sometimes, an old pipe can break due to settling. Regardless of the cause, a broken sewer pipe leaves some telltale signs. One of them is a portion of the yard that is always greener than the rest or wet. Drains that continually back up are another sign that you need trenchless sewer repair.

Choose the Alternative

Trenchless sewer replacement from Complete Utility Excavation has many advantages. While having an excavator dig up the pipe to see where the problem is has been proven effective in many ways, our minimally invasive services can also be just as effective. With trenchless methods, the entire process can be done through a nearby cleanout or with minimal digging. This means that it does not disturb the landscape, driveway, sidewalks, or foundation of the property. It is also more efficient, which can make it a more cost-effective option at times.

Count on the Trenchless Experts

Trenchless pipe lining makes the inside of the pipe like new. The process begins with a high-resolution camera that is inserted into the pipe to see where the damage is and what needs to be done. This takes out the guesswork of conventional pipe repair. If there are any tree roots or clogs, they are cleared first. Next, a pipe lining is inserted into the pipe. This is attached to the old pipe and must cure. Once it is cured, the pipe is ready to use again.

If you need to have an initial pipe laid for new construction, water lines ran, a well put in, or underground telecommunication cables installed, directional boring can be the approach we take yet still with minimal disturbance to the property. This method that our utility contractor may recommend uses a horizontal drill, rather than a vertical one. It can go underneath driveways and landscaping without disturbing them. It requires special equipment and special training to perform this type of work. However, there are many advantages for the homeowner or business because there is not a big repair bill to replace asphalt and concrete when the job is done.

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